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The city administration of Jena provides about 350 internships every year.

In many specialist services and areas, internships for pupils, internships for students as well as internships during retraining and further education measures can be completed free of charge, depending on capacity, insofar as they are prescribed in the respective training, study or examination regulations.

Application for an internship

The specific decision on the implementation of an internship is the responsibility of the department or division on the basis of a meaningful written application.

The application should include a cover letter stating the desired period of time, the type of internship, your contact details (e-mail address and telephone number) and any content to be taught. In addition, we expect a curriculum vitae in table form and available references.

We will then consult with our departments to determine whether an assignment is possible and will then contact you again.

Please send your application documents by e-mail to praktikum@jena.de or by post to:

Personnel Department
Personnel Development Team
Nina Ballenberger
At the Anger 15
07743 Jena