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Overview of training and studies

"What does a city government actually do?" Many have probably asked themselves this question.

The general knowledge about their tasks and activities often amounts to "distributing parking tickets" or "issuing passports".

However, there is much more that the approximately 1,250 employees of the Jena core administration and their more than 750 colleagues in the municipal enterprises have to accomplish on a daily basis.

For many years, the city of Jena has been keeping an eye on the development of the age structure of its employees and has been trying to influence a balanced age structure with suitable measures.

An essential contribution to counteract the demographically caused ageing is a continuous recruitment of junior staff.

The professional training of its own junior administrative staff is one of the most important tasks of forward-looking personnel planning and personnel development.

The municipal administration of Jena has continuously carried out its own training since 1990. Initially starting in the administrative area, the range of training has steadily expanded.

Today the city of Jena with its own enterprises realizes an apprenticeship in about 20 occupational fields. The chances of being taken on are very good. The following fields of training are offered by the city administration including its own enterprises:

City of Jena (core administration)

Own businesses of the city of Jena

Municipal real estate Jena


Municipal service Jena


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